All Games Are Accessible And Can Be Played With Single Input Devices, Mouse Buttons, Spacebar, or via An Enabled Switch Device.

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Some Feedback From Barrie Ellis

"Easy To Play Games is a new website hosting a range of simple control games for PC. Most are intended to be playable with one or two buttons alone. New games are being added on a regular basis at the time of writing.

All sorts of games have been pouring out lately. These include a Quiz game; Hangman; Rock, Paper, Scissors; Shooters and more. The author Ben seems very receptive to ideas for improvements, too.

The games are free to download and play,  but those who subscribe via a Patreon subscription, are given early access perks. This includes a line to the author to make suggestions for updates and new games.

A variety of one-button to play games including a Dinosaur-themed endless runner, a prehistoric target shooting game, Hangman, Quiz (a game with a tough question – “Who is commonly credited with inventing calculus?”), a top-down driving game and a submarine maze game.