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Cafe Game

On this page I will plan, detail, add ideas, bugs, fixes, suggestions. I'll also provide downloads of the work in progress

Project Outline:

An interactive audio based game where you take on the role of a waiter in a fast food restaurant. Your task is to look after the guests, by seating them at a table, taking orders, and delivering their food and drink.

Depending on how well you do, you'll receive tips. Your aim is to get as many tips as possible during your shift.

If a customer has too wait too long to be seated or receive their order, or be provided an incorrect order, you will lose tips.


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Special Offer

Complete Set Of 30 Games

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All Games Can Be Played With Just One or Two Buttons

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Each of my games take a week or two to make.

Most of the game assets cost money, especially the game artwork.

I'm only a hobiest game maker, not a professtional.

I aim to add around one new game per week

Typically I should be charging around $29.99 each or $899.70 for the set.

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