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Bell-Boy Hotel is an audio game where you take on the role of a Hotel Bell-Boy. Your aim is to look after the guests by serving food and drinks, and performing other useful tasks. You'll be awarded tips based on how well the task is performed.

The game explains in audio how to play the game, what to do and where to go. It has a simplified control system.

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Here is an audio based game that requires no visual cues.

It is called Bell-Boy Hotel

You work as a bell boy and must keep the guests satisfied, you will be awarded tips based on how well you do.


Last update 10:30 PM 5th April

Notes - cheat / testing codes:

  1. Press key X to delete save file
  2. Press key R to restart game
  3. Press key O to repeat order
  4. Press key A to skip opening info and end of game credits.

About this game:

Welcome to Bell-Boy Hotel
This game was created by Ben Tyers and Joseph Weakland
In this game you work as a hotel bell-boy
You must wait in reception for phone calls from your guests. 
They will tell you what they want to order. Your job is to go to the appropriate place and collect what they need, then deliver it to their room. You'll receive a tip based on how long you took to deliver the order. Your aim is to collect as many tips as you can during your shift. In each shift you will have 5 orders or requests to fulfil. Depending on how accurately and how quickly you deliver, your tip amount will be adjusted.

The reception, restaurants, bar, cocktail lounge, laundry room, maintenance room and garden are on the ground floor.
Guest rooms are on floors 1 to 5. To get to the right floor you'll need to take the lift. 
Game controls are left arrow, right arrow and space to knock on doors or enter the lift. When in the lift use keys 0 to 5 to change floors, and space to exit the lift

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