All Games Are Accessible And Can Be Played With Single Input Devices, Mouse Buttons, Spacebar, or via An Enabled Switch Device.

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I also make audible based accessible games. I add around one new game per month.

The current games are:

Bell Boy Hotel 

Bell-Boy Hotel is an audio game where you take on the role of a Hotel Bell-Boy. Your aim is to look after the guests by serving food and drinks, and performing other useful tasks. You'll be awarded tips based on how well the task is performed.

The game explains in audio how to play the game, what to do and where to go. It has a simplified control system.

Troy's Quest

An interactive book and audio based game where you choose the plot.

You must help young Troy on his quest to retrieve the four elements.

The game consists of short chapters, at the end of each you'll be provided with a choice of options - one will help Troy on his quest, the other may lead to a timely demise. Your task is to get Troy to the end of his quest and restore the safety of his village.

Control is via using left and mouse buttons, or keys A and B.

Has spoken audio describing the game, how to play and interact with it, and all chapters are also spoken. For visual users a choice a display colours and fonts are available.

Rock, Paper, Scissors - Audio based version of the popular games

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